Is your bosom suffering from low self-esteem? Maybe or maybe not! Yet, as a woman with an amazing bosom, without being told, you are the envy of the whole town. Having an astonishing breast is something all women love, irrespective of the size or shape. It accentuates your beauty, as you may have noticed most guys can’t keep their eyes off a woman’s chest, be it real or an effigy.

They are your assets and selling point; it gives the final touch to any fashion in your wardrobe. Besides, you’re more likely to appear curvier when you have beautiful breast.

Without a doubt, your breast is one of your most attractive features as a woman. Little wonder the fear of a sagging breast is the beginning of wisdom to some women and men alike.  Nevertheless, a lot of myths about a sagging breast exist.  News of exclusive breastfeeding could be depressing to some. The popular belief is that breastfeeding causes a sagging breast. Some women want to know if wearing or not wearing a bra can cause a sagging breast.

Just like any part of the human body that falls into the ‘private parts’ category, there are a lot of myths deluding the facts about your breasts. And you might feel uncomfortable talking about your privacy. Therefore, just like others, you may be ignorant and totally unprepared for the changes that await your boobs as you grow older.

With advancement in age, your skin thins out, becomes less elastic, fragile, fatty tissues under your skin decreases and of course this would cause breast sagging. This is one of the many natural changes you’ll experience as you turn the pages of time. You may have heard of an exercise that promises to firm the breast.

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those exercises are less likely to help. Reason being, as a woman, your breast is majorly made of fat tissues and ligament. There are no muscles tissues present in the breast and therefore any form of exercise is less likely to be effective because exercises merely exert their effects on muscles tissues.

Well, if you’ve noticed that your breasts are not as perky or bouncy like they used to be? you don’t have any reason to feel bad about your boobs or maybe you just want that dress to look classic on your perfect cleavage, today’s post promises some tips and hacks that’ll make sagging breasts a thing of the past and a perfect boobs dream come true.

That brings us to the next mind boggling question.

Naturally, your boobs are supported by tough and fibrous strings known as the suspensory ligaments of cooper. The Cooper’s ligaments wrap around the skin under your breasts and hold the breast tissues by attaching the dense tissues of your boobs to the chest muscles. This keeps your breasts firm in position and accentuates its perky appearance. Just like any biological tissue in your body, this ligament is subject to wear and tear due to age and other factors. It could be damage or stretch out thereby causing the sagging breast syndrome.

The chief reason for your sagging breasts is age – as your body grow older, the skin loses it elasticity. This is the commonest cause of breast sagging. This does not occur only in older people but can occur any time after puberty. Usually, your skin and adipose tissue loses its integrity as a combination of factors.

sagging breast


You may have been told of the effect of smoking on your body. Cigarettes or herm smoke contains carbon monoxide, which is a toxic chemical that displaces the oxygen in your skin. Consequently, nicotine has been found to reduce blood flow, this can leave your skin dry and discoloured. Other harmful constituents of cigarettes or smoke are capable of depleting useful nutrients like vitamins which are responsible for repairing worn out tissues as well as those minerals that revitalise and protect your skin. That can cause a sagging breast and a bad skin.


 – Certain hormones contribute to the formation of tissue collagen which is compulsory support structure of the breast. Usually, a drop in production, possibly due to menopause, disease or malnutrition could cause a sagging breast.

As a woman concerned about your outlook, consulting your doctor about boosting your oestrogen levels would be a smart decision. Your doctor or health care professional may decide to enhance your hormone level with phytoestrogens or other kinds of supplements.  This can improve the shape and size of your boobs or prevent breast sagging.


Yes! Contrary to popular belief, if you are a wet nurse, the shape and size of your bosom may be the least of the worries. Pregnancy does contribute slightly to a sagging breast and not necessarily breast feeding. Pregnancy hormones are responsible for the dilating effect of the cooper’s ligament.

But this should not be the rejoinder; there are breast firming products and supplements out there that promise to reduce the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding on your boobs.

Even though their effectiveness is debatable, you can just try them out.  But before you cross breastfeeding off your dictionary, consider the benefit of nurturing your baby at the breast, which can be the most available, affordable, accessible and safe way to nurture your bundle of joy.  

During pregnancy, hormones are at large in your body. Some of this pregnancy juices prepare your breasts for breastfeeding. Lest you forget, this is the primary function of your breast. During this period, other little structures in the breast like the milk ducts grow and enlarge as they are filled with milk. So even if you’re not breastfeeding, the impact of pregnancy hormones would still cause your boobs to droop.    

You may notice your breasts become more sensitive especially the area surrounding the nipple known as the areola. The changes to your breasts during pregnancy are not totally reversible and therefore contribute to your sagging breasts.

The baby is not to blame always; it actually helps your breasts get back in shape. Nurturing your baby if done the right way at least for six months promises a healthy early days and natural bonding with your bundle of joy, plus it has been found to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer

During the early days of breastfeeding, when your baby’s weight is merely 5kg. Depending on the condition of birth, your little one may develop a poor suckling reflex. Consequently, your baby may not be able to suckle.

This can be distressful, may be worse than a labour pain. Other times it may not be your baby’s fault, you may have a flat nipple. Which makes it difficult for your baby to grasp and decongest your breast? All these causes dilatation and inflammation which can contribute to a sagging breast. Bad positioning can also contribute to poor suckling and pulling on the breast.

Hormonal war fares going on in your body include the battle of prolactin.

According to encyclopaedia of reproduction, prolactin promotes ducts and alveolar growth (little tubing and sags where milk is produced and stored in your boobs).


Even though your breast structures do not include muscles tissues, fat tissues contribute a considerable amount of bulk to your weight. For example, when you gain weight or lose weight, the skin around your breasts also go through these changes; therefore losing or reducing its ability to contract and assumes a new shape of your breast and the texture of the skin surrounding the breast which gives it that appeal.

It is noteworthy, that not all types of weight loss or weight gain have the same effect or causes sagging breast. At some point, a little weight gain may accentuate the shape or your breast. Yet, accumulation of fat at the wrong places for example, belly fat can further diminish the appearance of your boobs.


 – having  large breasts may be attractive to some but having  larger breasts doesn’t only make exercising uncomfortable, may contribute to back pain and  sagging breasts. Since the heavy breast tissues are only supported by little stabilizing connective tissues. The burden on the fat tissues is enormous and causes it to drag down and suspend the breast tissues which are always under a downward gravitational pull. 


Menopause is when your body retires from getting pregnant. It is characterised by cessation of menstruation or irregular periods, chills, hot flashes, loss of breast fullness, mood changes, night sweats, sleep problems, thinning hair and dry skin, vaginal dryness, weight gain and slowed metabolism. The chief reason for sagging breast is the withdrawal or drop in levels of oestrogen.

The resultant effect is the shutting down of milk production. Of course by this, it means the tissues that produce and store breast milk would shrink. The overall shrinkage would cause your breasts to become light with more of fatty tissues. This would definitely lead to sagging breasts.


The primary function of your bra is to hold your boobs in position during body movement, enhance the look and shape of your breasts. It does not prevent or contribute to sagging breasts. Even though there are popular myths like constantly wearing a bra can cost you sagging breasts.

This is not true, aside the fact that there’s no substantial evidence to back up the claim. A bra is less likely to weaken the supporting tissues around the breast which could only be the only way it could cause sagging breasts.

However, using the wrong cup size could potentially harm your boobs. For example; a common sign that you are wearing a wrong size of bra could be pain (both breast and back pain), uneven body posture, skin abrasion and in some cases may trigger a breast cancer by blocking lymph nodes which filter toxins from your body.

However, there are also concerns if going to bed with your bra still strapped on can cause sagging breasts. While this may not directly be implicated in a sagging breast, this practice can definitely harm your boobs. As already elucidated about, any form of unnecessary compression can bring a lot of discomfort even when you are fast asleep.

Sleeping with your bra is not a good practice, it neither lifts nor makes your breasts perky and definitely does not prevent your breasts from sagging.


  • Wear supportive bra – During pregnancy, wearing a supportive nursing bra can reduce the effects of hormones on your breast. The right size of nursing bra might just reduce the effect of gravity on your boobs by supporting the cooper’s ligament.
  • Control your weight gain during pregnancy and breastfeeding – as a woman with an average BMI keeping your weight gain during pregnancy within 11.5 – 16kg is reasonable.
  • Keep your boobs moisturized – preventing the skin around your breast from drying out by using a safe moisturizer. This locks in moisture on the layers of skin around your boobs, keeping the cells healthy.
  • shed your pregnancy weight gradually – rapidly shedding weight may affect your electrolyte balance, promotes gall stones formation, dehydration, hair loss and above all loss of muscle mass etc. this can throw your body off sync and would directly cause a sagging breast.
  • Don’t smoke – without being told, smoking while pregnant or breastfeeding is not a wise idea. Not only to maintain your boobs but for your baby. Besides, cigarette smokecontains over 4,000 [6] chemicals. These agents may cause cancer and can damage collagen and elastin that support your skin and consequently causing wrinkles on your skin and sagging breasts.
  • Regular exercise – the tissues of the breast might not include muscles, but regularly exercising your pectoralis, serratus, external oblique and rectus abdominis muscles which support the breast can promote your boobs and make it appear perkier with time by flattening out your belly fat and therefore accentuating the shape and size of your breasts. However, it should be clear that this is not a sure bet to firmer breasts as the breasts themselves contain no muscles, the skin toning effect of exercises only applies to muscles fibres and not fat cells of the breasts.
  • Massaging – if done properly, massaging your boobs frequently can help reduce the appearance and development of wrinkles and stretch marks by relaxing the skin around your breasts and improving blood flow to the tissues of your This can encourage collagen tissues and reduce toxins from accumulating in your lymph nodes and consequently revitalizing your boobs.
  • Diet and nutrition – maintaining a well-balanced diet cannot be overemphasized. By always eating a healthy diet, you’re sure to provide your body with the entire necessary nutrient it needs to grow and repair itself in case of damage due to wear and tear you go through in the process of living. A proper nutrition can go a long way in preventing a sagging breast.
  • Posture – consciously or unconsciously adopting a bad posture can conceal your breasts making them appear droopy even when they are not. Similarly, this posture can make you appear shorter and diminish your gait.

Support – well, if you are really worried about your boobs and wish to keep them perky. The right cup size, well fitted bra would offer the right support. Choosing the right bra is very important in preventing harm to your breasts. It might not directly prevent breast sagging but can protect you during breastfeeding, pregnancy, sports and accentuate your muliebrity.





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