People used to live longer. It is often heard that in the olden days, people lived healthier and longer than today.  In actual sense of the word, that is not true.  Life expectancy has actually improved over time. Universally, life expectancy has  increased from less than 30 years to a little over 70 years. 

The valentine period is a season to love yourself and others. This can go a long way to improving your quality of life and life expectancy. If you’re without a partner it might seem like the sun would not shine again and life expectancy in this regard might seem a big scam. Especially, when you’re not surrounded by love and happiness, going through life alone might make life cumbersome, lonely and tears always clouding your eyes.

Yet the primary truth is ‘’it not the most attractive that get laid, you too can locate your magic only if you send the right signal.’’ so instead of always waiting for love to fall on your feet. Going out of your way to make things happen in your life has a lot of benefits thereof.

The valentine period goes with high octane energy and it reminds us that love and happiness is an important aspect of our lives which contributes to quality of life. Even though quality of life can be influenced by numerous dynamics like socioeconomic status, unemployment, source of revenue, level of education, etc. others are the quality of health system in your country and how accessible the facilities are, your personal health choices like tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption, bad nutrition and lack of exercise.

The overall reason for the season should not be misconstrued; valentine season can be traced to western Christianity. Which is a day set aside to honor a saint named Valentinus. Valentine’s Day is renowned as a substantial cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world.

Yet loving and celebrating yourself and others should not just be narrowed to a seasonal jamboree. It should be inculcated into activities of daily living. This can go a long way in improving your overall life expectancy.

Today’s post encourages you to take advantage of the spur of the valentine moment to implement simple tips that’ll improve your quality of life and your overall life expectancy.


The past two centuries were the dark ages in terms of life expectancy and longevity, today; we can expect to live more than twice as long as our ancestors. Even though this progress was either not achieved in certain places or very sluggish e.g. Africa. In Nigeria for example, the average life expectancy in 2019 is 54.49 which represent, a 0.58% increase from 2018. It is not comparable to counties like Spain with an average of 89 years, yet it actually shows people are expected to live longer. Their life expectancy didn’t just soar, there is a deliberate system designed to prolong the life of people. Have you ever wondered why we feel like people are dying  younger?.

I bet the answer lies in the quality of life people are living today. Technological advancements should help preserve life, right? So why the sporadic deaths in our time?

It’s simple. Ignorance!.

With present day advancements in research and technology, our life expectancy should improve. We should actually be living longer, healthier and better lives. But the knowledge of how to go about living and not just existing would make the difference. Today’s technologies are fabricated to help us solve problems and ease the wear and tear our bodies go through in the process of living. The knowledge of how to utilize the existing inventions in our daily living is therefore sacrosanct to achieving longevity.



Variety is the spice of life, they say. This does not only apply to foods, clothing items, cars and other objects. Use the opportunity presented by the season to explore with your loved one. Adventures play a major part in variety. Traveling, seeing new exotic places, exploring foreign lands ensure a feeling of completeness. Why not give the world a chance at your awesomeness?


A list that comprises all the things you’d like to do before going to the glorious beyond (for those who believe in this), is called a bucket list. List these activities in order of priority, but achieve them in no particular order. Cancel them out after carrying them out. It gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


Create a project for yourself based on a hobby, a need or even a want. Make sure it’s a project you would always look forward to doing. Add touches every day until completion. This helps you find purpose in something you love.


Ever heard the saying, “show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are?” That saying rings true for so many, because the people we spend time with, influence us bit by bit without us knowing. So armed with this knowledge, hang out with people who will improve you physically, psychologically, emotionally, socially and in every other aspect of your life. Like minds work well together but higher minds make bigger improvements. 


No risks no reward. The bigger the goal, the greater the risks involved. Without these risks your dreams will never really come to pass. So why not dive sensibly into that venture today and watch your dreams manifest? Do not accept more work than you can deliver. Stress can make you fail even at things you do best. Multitasking is a smart move in achieving more and getting more out of your time. But hey, remember excess workload can slow down the memory (RAM) of your computer. This applies to the human brain too.


Hard work metaphorically, be smart, taking time to figure things out often saves time and money. Having physical energy is good when  lifting things, but having strong mental power often pays. Both brain or Brawn patience and the presence of a manageable challenge, presents you with purpose. Life is more interesting with challenges; however we choose to look at things. Every effort pays. It does not do to wallow in sorrow at every setback. Rise up and fight. It will give you satisfaction at making an attempt,  if nothing else.



When life throws you a sour lemon, well, make lemonade. In business there are chargebacks, so it’s in real life. No situation should be wasted or disregarded. Something good can come from anything. If you understand this, no situation will look like a barrier. You will always find opportunity in tough circumstances.


How you do this? Give!. Give your time, your energy, your encouragement, your advice. Noting is too small to give. Change negative outlooks. Help the poor as best as you can. Achieve your dreams. By achieving your dreams you are providing a system where people can believe in possibilities. Do the right things. Give hope to people. These will give you an unrivaled feeling of satisfaction. The world would not forget your legacies in a hurry if you actually impacted it either positively or negatively. A healthy person, strive to stay on the positive side of the divide.


Ask anyone how long he or she wants to live and the response would give you an insight on how people perceive their life span.  An average person would wish to live as long as oxygen is still available. But that is not humanly possible, for a human being death is inevitable. This knowledge makes you want to do everything possible in the time that you have. Even if you  were born in Monaco with a super high life expectancy, according to statistics you are expected to live over 89 years?. Don’t forget expectation often surpasses reality. The thought that you do not possibly know when your last breath will be taken, Spurs you on to achieving.

Maintaining a good diet; void of unhealthy foods and drinks goes a long way to keeping our bodies sanctified and fortified against diseases.

Be health conscious; why make life harder than it already is? Why go through the stress of having to combat ill health? That been said, why not take preventive measures to ill health, tackling health issues before they arise and improve your overall life expectancy?

Exercise regularly; a good way to enjoy more physical activities is incorporating good music and soothing sounds as you exercise. It reduces the weird feeling of boredom which gives way to early exhaustion and eventually quitting.

 I recommend getting those gadgets; like a pair of wireless head set, a smart watch with fitness tracker which keeps count of your steps, heart rate, blood pressure, pulse and calories. These little machines would add a few mileages on your longevity drive. 


For the sake of this post, I recommend a few devices and I will review one great product and how it complements your lifestyle and can contribute to your life expectancy.

Do you want to be able to live life to the fullest with eyesight as healthy as possible? Then get the antiglare device for the safety of your eyes. It is one gadget that can go a long way in protecting you by protecting your sight;


  • Anti glare glasses are a type of eyeglasses with an anti-reflective coating that is designed to help relieve eye strain due to glare caused by looking at a computer screen or similar LCD.
  • For people working on computers all day, these glasses will help them eliminate the experiences of eye strains, headaches and vision blurry caused by the reflective glare of computers.
  • Even if you are not a regular computer user, your eyes can still benefit from anti glare eyeglasses. In fact, aside from computer screen, there are lots of things or situations may harm your eyes such as TV light reflections and glare from big screen TV’s.
  • In general, a pair of Computer Anti-Glare Glasses is appropriate for anyone living in a modern tech environment who wishes to protect their eyes and eyesight.


  • Unisex Computer Reading Glasses Anti Blue Rays Anti-Glare and Anti UV Monitor and Screen Glasses.
  • It can be worn in the office.
  • Anti Harmful Glare, UV and Blue Rays.
  • Reduce Eyestrain from Prolonged Viewing of Screens.
  • Comfortable and Light Plastic Frames.
  • Improved Screen Viewing Experience for Leisure or Work.
  • It can be worn in the office.
  • Anti-fatigue radiation eye protection glasses, to protect you from headaches, fatigue, brain embolism, always protect your health.
  • Minimizes Digital Eye Strain caused by harmful blue rays emitted from digital screens.
  • Great for alleviating visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights.
  • Ultra light weight and flexible long term use and durability.
  • Includes frame carrying case.
  • Colour of case to served randomly.

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