Wonders shall never end they say, LASU final year student killed and eaten?. Is it hardship in Nigeria that’s pushing people to employ barbaric measures just to make wealth?

lasu final year student

Today’s headline featured a case  of cannibalism, according to an online information blog by lindaikeji [1]’’ Three suspects linked to the murder of a final year student of Theater Arts at the Lagos State University (LASU) identified as Favour Seun Daley-Oladele, have been reportedly arrested by the police.’’

The deceased, Favour Daley born 1997 who was purportedly pregnant was allegedly slaughtered on December 8 at Ikoyi Ile community in Ikire, Osun State.

The barbaric act left people wondering what the world has turned into. For Favour, seeing 2020 remains a dream she’ll never wake from. Her life was allegedly cut short by an ex-student of LASU, known as Owolabi Adeeko in alliance with his mother Mrs Adeeko and one Prophet Segun Phillip, who is allegedly said to be into money rituals.


The late favour’s body parts were supposedly eaten by Owolabi and his mother as a ritual rite in a bid to change their family’s misfortunes.  

According to message by Omojola Omotayo a fellow theatre art student in LASU with harsh tag, #JUSTICE FOR FAVOUR SEUN DALEY-OLADELE, the deceased came home to see her parents, attended church service on Sunday, while with her parents that Sunday.

She was called by one OWOLABI ADEEKO who is said to be an ex Lagos State University student scheduled to meet with him at undisclosed location.

The deceased had told her parents she would be going to school as well as seeing a friend that afternoon which happen to be OWOLABI ADEEKO.

She had earlier met Owolabi about two months ago. That Sunday afternoon she talked with her father who wished her the best of luck in her forthcoming examination.

From that moment, the incident occurred quick succession, her mobile was no longer accessible, and she wasn’t returning calls either. Unknown to the parents she had been murdered by OWOLABI ADEEKO.

The said Owolabi Adeeko is an ex-student of LASU in Collaboration with One prophet SEGUN PHILLIP who happened to be a serial money ritualist practising his satanic trade at Ikoyi Ile in Ikire, Osun state and One Mrs ADEEKO who also happened to be OWOLABI ADEEKO’S mother.

These three people and others gruesomely slaughtered Favour SEUN DALEY OLADELE. While confessing, OWOLABI ADEEKO admitted inviting her to an undisclosed location before using One black Honda to take her to Fortress hotel at ikoyi ile , later that evening.

OWOLABI ADEEKO and her mother,Mrs ADEEKO enticed her to prophet SEGUN PHILLIP place, introduced later as an uncle, Favour was drugged while at the named hotel, Owolabi futher stated that by the time they got to prophet Segun PHILLIP’s place she was already tired.

The three of them simply put favour under the tree close to an uncompleted well dug for that purpose, favours mutilated body was dumped inside that well.

OWOLABI ADEEKO admitted further that he used a pestle to smashed FAVOUR’S head while prophet SEGUN PHILLIP admitted that he used sharp knife to cut favour’s throat.

Prophet Segun PHILLIP also admitted in his statement that he caught her open, removed her internal organs of Favours body to cook the native stew for OWOLABI ADEEKO’S mother.

Mrs ADEEKO a team member in this evil scheme admitted eating the said native stew called (Aseje) so that her family misfortunes can be changed and so that she and her family can become rich.

The gallantry of good work of the investigating officers really paid off. But the troubling concern is that the duo of OWOLABI ADEEKO and Prophet SEGUN PHILLIP were cocky that they will soon be released by the police.

This is a call for action by Nigerians to demand justice for Favour SEUN DALEY OLADELE. All hands should be on deck, rise up people through various medium to demand justice for Favour.

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