Have you ever pondered how to find your android smartphone?

Maybe the ideal question is: have you misplaced your Android device?

Do know you know anyone who was robbed at gun point and disposed of their belongings including their Android smartphones?

Have you heard of kidnappers using their victims’ smart phones to contact relatives for ransom?

Do you know you can track your Android device and find it on Google Map?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, you can be rest assured you’re not alone. An estimated 70 million smartphones are lost each year, with only 7% recovered.

Why is the recovery rate so low?

I bet you know the reason behind this worried some statistic. But I’ll advice you to read this post till the end and reduce your chances of contributing to this figure.

Learn step by step how to configure your Android Device to be retrievable.

How common is Smart Phone Theft?

Problems associated with the loss or theft of smartphones is creepy. According to 4.3 per cent of company-issued smartphones are lost or stolen every year. Out of the 70 million mentioned earlier, 52 per cent of devices are stolen from the office/workplace, and 24 per cent from conferences.  

(for further reading on the identity theft and smartphones check this

I personally have been a victim severally either directly or indirectly. Just last week, I got a late night call from a colleague. From her voice I could tell she wasn’t happy. She’s a real beauty with a charming personality, so there was no way I could miss the sadness in her voice. She reluctantly, narrated how she was robed earlier that evening while returning from her Evening shift. She’s a nurse working at a Catholic Hospital in FCT.

Over the phone, she tried mutter what sounds like how to find your Android smartphone; the poor lady actually knew her smart device could be tracked. But didn’t know she had to activate it in the device prior to the incidence for it to be found. Even though I discerned the response she needed to hear, I was hopeless as I told her,’’ am sorry your device cannot be found’’.

That fateful incidence forms part of the motivation for today’s post.

While losing your Android Device cannot be compared to losing a spouse or a child, it can actually induce a deep sense of loss that is compared to losing a close companion.

Your Android Device is actually your companion in a way. Depending on how hooked you are, your little smart companion actually holds your private information, it keeps you connected through messaging services, emails, video calls and social networking.

It connects you to a virtual world out there through the internet. And once you’re on the internet? You’re everywhere. The bond between couples could seriously be challenged by smart phones and related gadgets. Once you companion is out of sight, how to find your android smartphones becomes high proity on list of thing you should worry about.

Why should you care?

Consequently, your little smart companion is one powerful invention that has so influenced human kind. It makes life and living easy. Today with the help of your Android Device you can securely make payments online to your products supplier in US, Recharge your electricity metre in the midnight with just a phone call, for those whose smart phone serves as an office; you can import goods from a ware house in China with just a click or edit your websites on the go without stress.

As useful as a Smart Phone maybe, it can contribute major threats to your security and safety. Your smart phone actually has the quality of being relevant, it shares your secrets, trust me some secrets are too personal to gets into the wrong hands.

Secrets your spouse doesn’t know or don’t care about, mysteries that can form the basis for a blackmail, your financial secrets,  unforgettable memories in the form of pictures or videos  etc. might just be tugging in your Smart Phone. This can really make you vulnerable.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a politician with your reputation at stake or just a petty trader in a small town market. Your privacy is key and non-negotiable, For the sake of your safety, learn these tips and share this post with your loved ones.

Regardless of how you were separated from your handheld smart friend, either losing it your shattered room or your overweight aunt mistakenly sat on it? Or maybe like my colleague you were robbed at gun point.

The next line of actions always remains the same. It’s either you try to find or wiping your private data for the sake of your security. Certainly, your success will largely depend on the precautionary measures you took lest something of such nature happens.

Almost like an insurance policy. But don’t worry; you do not have to pay an insurer, even though you can actually protect your Android Device from loss, theft and more with a smartphone insurance plan. I’ve actually subscribed once for such services, from experience I can tell you you’ll not regret such a smart move.

Depending on the kind of insurance agreement you entered into, insurance companies pay up to 30% of the cost of the device. But for the sake of this post, I’ll will only give out tips on how to find your lost or stolen Android Device.

1.4    Find your Android Smart phone with the help of the ‘’Find My Device App Manager’’.

Every Android Smartphone just like yours basically comes with an operating system, there may be a recovery method available for your device. The Operating system can let you see it on a digital map, lock, erase your data or even make it ring depending on the necessity.

Through the operating system, you can access your device manager which is must be pre-installed in your Android smartphone. Once this is done correctly, you should be able to track the device by signing in into your Google Account registered in the app from another device.

how to find your lost Android device

This gives you absolute control over your device; you can locate the device on the map and even have a street or live view of the area the device is. You can lock, ring or wipe your device. You can also send a message to the holder of the phone with your contact details on how to reach you or change a pin or password to protect your information.

However you can choose to wipe or force factory reset your device when you are absolutely sure there are no chances of recovery. You have to choose your actions carefully. Wiping your device means you’ll lose all you data and the chances of recovering you be reduced significantly.

 How To Configure Your Find My Phone Through Device Manager?

Follow the steps below:


Android Device Manager can help you to locate your lost Android smartphone. To find your Smart Phone make your device can actually be found.

What Is An Android Device Manager?

Android device manager is an awesome innovation from the Google family. This amazing App helps you manage the security features of your Android device, it helps you to locate and if need be, lock or  wipe your Android smartphone if it’s stolen or lost.

All you need to do is connect your Google account to the device manager. Go to Google Play Store App in your device, search for and  download your Android Device manager.

To proceed with the configuration of your Android Device


What Is A Google Account?

A Google Account is a User Account that is required for access, authentication and authorization to certain online Google Services. When you sign into your Google Account, you can see and manage your info, activity, security, options and privacy.

 How Do You Know If You Have A Google Account?

Chances are if you’re already using a Google product such as Gmail, then you have a Google Account. If you’re not really sure if you have an account already, you can check by visiting the Google Account password change page.

Confirm if you’re Find My Device Is Turn On.

To do this, access your settings apps through your device menu.

  • Settings> security>security and location or Google >Security> turn on find my device.
  • Tip: if you turned off ‘’Find My Device’’ your device may not be found. Only the owner can change these setting.


Except you are the most wanted man in the world, I’ll advise you leave your location on. It saves you a lot of money and heartbreak. Trust me this is beyond your wife or husband monitoring you. It could be a matter or serious life threatening situation.

To do this, enter your settings apps through your android smartphone menu.

  • Settings>Security&location>Location


Again if you hide your device either intentionally or by default, your device would not be found.

On your browser:

  • Open>visibility {choose your device.


 Just like people say; the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Something can only be judged  to be good or bad if it’s tested. So go ahead and test run you’re Find My Phone Settings.

On your browse; enter:


>sign in to your Google Account.

[If the device has more than one user profile, sign in with a Google Account that’s on the main profile.]

Just in case you’ve used other android devices select the device you want found.

After Configuring Your Google Find My Device WHAT NEXT?

Nobody actually prays for his or her priced device to go missing, but if it eventually happens, as said earlier, the options are usually to find the location, play sound, lock or erase data on your android smartphone.


Once your logged in, the location of your Android smartphone will appear automatically on Google map, you can zoon in and out to have a street view of the location. You can also see the battery level of the Device, information about the last location of your device is also available just in case your device goes offline.


Locking your device should be the first line of action towards recovery of your device. While the search is on, you can temporarily lock the device to safeguard your data. Once this is done, nobody would be able to access your personal files on the device. To lock your device, click on the Lock option. Enter your new password twice, add a message or contact number for anyone in possession of the device, once this is done tab the lock button. Once this command is sent to your device, it will automatically lock it. It’s regardless if your device is in use or not.


Erasing your device can be a hard decision to make, but if you’ve decided that all effort to recover is futile. It’s better to erase your files for good. However, this action is irreversible. Your data would be deleted permanently and your device would force a factory reset to protect your personal information.

Note: this will erase all your apps, photos, music and settings from your device. If your device was offline when the command was sent, it’ll execute once the device comes back online.

Once your device is wiped, you’ll no longer be able to access it from the app. Remember that the External SD memory would not be wiped along with your device Internal Memory.

Remember if your device has been stolen, contact the police. Do not attempt to retrieve the device on your own.  If you eventually find the location of the device, without the right authority approaching an assailant might be dangerous to you.


Watch the video below by Google play protect

Congratulations you device is ready to be found!

The easiest way to find your device is if the Find My Device App is Installed and activated. To begin the process, head straight to Google Play Store and download the app. While this wonderful App is absolutely free, you can be rest assured it does absolutely what the designers says. This is proof enough from a 4.5 stars rating on Google Play Store and over  six hundred thousand active installs and counting.





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