Legs and panties pulled down. Orange colored lace underwear. Seductive and beautiful. Wake your desires.


Going commando simply means not wearing any underwear – silly to some, sexy to others. More and more people of both sexes are forgoing their underwear for comfort, health, or clothing appearance – the Visible Panty Line struggle. However, this shouldn’t deter those who sell or manufacture underwear. The decision to wear or not to wear comes down to your predilection.

In my second year in college, I was on board a hummer bus alongside a bunch of schoolmates. We were returning from a wild sophomore party and I was excited as a pretty coursemate whom I had a crush on came along. The bus was literally intoxicating – you could get drunk from people’s breath.

I sat facing my crush. She was wearing loose short and when the bus swerved to avoid bad spots, her shorts swerved along. That was when I noticed she had a bare bum beneath those shorts. All I remember asking myself was, ‘Why?’

going commando

What I learned about going commando

I got my answer several years later, following series of research and intellectual exercises. I wasn’t the only curious cat. Many have asked – Is going commando the right decision to make? Will my significant order approve of this?

Is it really necessary to put on underwear? Is it just a societal norm or conditioning?

Besides allowing the perineum to breathe, there should be more to going commando. The discoveries unfold as we proceed.

Why underwear?

The use of underwear goes back to the Egyptians who wore loincloths (a single piece of cloth wrapped around the waist, usually worn by men in some hot countries as their only garment). Historians documented that Romans were the first to invent what is known today as the underwear. 

going commando

Women also put on a band of cloth or leather around their chest known as the strophium (a band of linen or leather folded and tucked around the chest to bind and reduce the size of a woman’s breasts).

going commando

Underwear is chiefly worn to keep our outer clothes from being stained by sweat, urine, semen, feces, vaginal discharge, and menstrual blood. Women’s brassieres function to provide support and elevate the breasts and some men’s underwear support and protect the male genitalia.

Why go commando?

Whatever your reason(s) might be, many feel the act should be reserved for intimacy. For some, the idea seems crazily odd.

Regardless, it comes with its benefits.

Firstly, if you ditch your underwear, chances are, you’ll reduce your chances of developing a urinary tract or yeast infection. Linda M. Speer, MD  medically verified as a fact that most women, as many as 75 percent, will have at least one diagnosis of vaginal yeast infection during their lifetime and so, do not add to these statistics.

Does it then mean that undies cause vaginal yeast infections?  yes and no! Actually, it remains a contributing factor because of your undies and hair trap in excess moisture, microbes, and nutrients. This eventually constitutes a culture medium that favors the growth of Candida (a fungus that causes yeast infections) and bacteria. This happens irrespective of the time of the day or the nature of what you do. It’s worse with non-breathable underwear.

Can underwear worsen an existing UTI?

Yes, especially for women and chronic users of thongs. The material your underwear is made of can unite and spread microbes from your rectum to the tract which is barely around 4cm in length. especially if you’re a chronic user of thongs. Logically, allowing the genitals air will be helpful.

Of what use is sleeping naked?

going commando

The decision to do away with undies right before bedtime isn’t a hard and fast rule.

However, this is most likely the best time to let off some steam. It works fine if your privacy will not be disturbed. Also, you should consider this if you are stuck with underwear during the day.

Does going commando reduce irritation and abrasion?

Regularly putting on undies that are too tight promotes irritation. Underwear made of artificial fabrics predisposes to chafing, bleeding, or injury and unfavorable temperatures. Having an ongoing UTI makes you more susceptible to chafing or injury. This could degenerate into a more complex situation. Older men or women whose skins grow thinner by the day are even more susceptible. Cotton underwear is the best.

Should I consider my outfit when going commando?

Wearing tight jeans or khakis definitely exposes your genitals to more irritation as the genitalia isn’t protected from the tough fabric. This could cause redness or itchiness. Soreness can get worse with shaving or waxing or laser treatment. Going commando usually works fine with loose, comfortable clothing.

Will going commando reduce foul odor during exercise?

During vigorous exercise, there’s a buildup of perspiration which in turn allows bacteria breed. This consequently causes body odor. If you’re going commando, sweat is absorbed directly into your gym wear, causing you to notice that perspiring odor.

The decision to wear or not to wear underwear during exercise comes down to personal preference. Some choose to go commando during exercises such as running, karate, etc. and gain a sense of more mobility and flexibility.

Can going commando increase your chances of micro-cuts?

Yes, it may likely increase your chances of sustaining micro-cuts. Simple cuts are caused by everyday actions. Aside from childbirth, sexual activity is the commonest cause of genital cuts. These fissures result from stretching or irritation of the skin, and most likely to come about as a result of tedious aerobics in unfitting gear without underwear. Therefore, if you’re about to undergo any exercise, it’s of utmost importance to wear easygoing, breathable pants while keeping fit.

Can going commando reduce your risk of having allergic reactions?

Pruriceptive itch (a sensation of itch that originates following activation of primary afferent nerve terminals) is often due to an allergic reaction, inflammation, dryness, or other skin damage. Sometimes, chemicals used in clothing treatment at the plant, detergents, etc. may cause a localized rash called contact dermatitis. This could just be your skin reacting to fabrics, dyes, chemicals, preservatives, and stabilizers found in underwear, including latex, which is often used for the waistband.

Can going commando reduce vaginal discharge?

If vaginal discharge awfully changes color, smells different, or gets heavier, then an infection may be staring you in the face.

A discharge is a combination of bacteria, vaginal skin cells, mucus, and fluid from the cervix and vagina. Poor aeration can predispose one to a buildup of microbes. Hence, you’re likely to notice an improvement when you allow better aeration.

Does going commando make one more susceptible to public bacteria?

going commando

Not wearing undies in public further exposes you to foreign bacteria. At the gym, park, on a workout bench, bike or a tricycle seat, etc., your undergarment provides the barrier you need against any bugs loitering on surfaces in public places.

How does going commando improve blood circulation?

going commando

Choosing a seamless pair of slenderizing briefs, boy shorts, camis, or full-body pieces that pull in your stomach, slim your thighs, boost your derrière, and define your waist might make you appear curvier and smart. Unfortunately, it contributes to nerve impairment and definitely not ideal for your circulation and distribution of blood to your cells.

If you do without underwear, it will not only be more comfortable but will also help improve your blood circulation, especially after wearing tight shapewear clothes.

Again, since shapewear is generally tougher to pull down, using the restroom might be challenging.

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