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Are you wondering about the causes of death during sex? Whenever your blood is hot and you want to get laid. I bet the last thing on your mind is dying. It’s usually weird when you hear people die during the wonderful act of lovemaking.

Even though, most of the death recorded through history is not as a direct result of having sex per se. There is usually an underlying cause of sudden death, especially in older men.

By implication, vigorous sex can be exhausting, but being drained to the point being among the causes of death is pretty much unimaginable. Nevertheless, death can occur during sex for a number of reasons, the commonest of the causes of death being due to physical strain associated with sexual activity, or because of uncommon mitigating situations.

Sex is very delightful and of course, has a lot of health benefits. While you’re in the mood, it’s a sure bet that the last thing on your mind is improving your immune system or maintaining a healthy weight. But in the actual sense of the word, having a better sex life can help get you fitter and helps your blood to flow seamlessly. But vigorous sexual activities can significantly bump your heart rate.

This might be a good thing in a healthy individual, but a person with a weak heart might not be as lucky as this usually puts extra strain on the heart muscles and related structures to the point of causing a sudden heart attack. This contributes to the causes of death during sex.

Sexual activity is associated with increased adrenergic stimulation which surges sympathetic output and subsequently increases heart rate and this may be the cause of increasing ventricular ectopic activity and lowered ventricular fibrillation threshold. This may have played a role in ventricular arrhythmia associated with myocardial infarction.[5]

why people die during sex

Besides increasing your heart rates, researchers have found that having sex can burn, with some saying a vigorous 30-minute session can burn as much as 150 calories, which is the equivalent of jogging for 15[1]

Unfortunately, if you’re one of those who believe that sex could be a better form of exercise than jogging? Please do not also try replicating the universe with people just because you want to lose weight.

Even though I am not the expert here, I’ve been told that sexual activities increase intimacy between couples, builds emotional bonds between partners, reduces stress and make people feel good.

Despite all these benefits, we have at some points in our lives heard shocking stories about sex. Some of them so shocking it’ll make your eyes pop from their sockets.

Stories similar to these headlines;

“Man dies during sex, ambulance picks him up with partner still attached”

“Game over Pastor dies during sex in a hotel room”

“3 FUTO students die during sex romp with a female student”[7]

“Man dies during sex with concubine”

From history, a former vice president of America Nelson Rockefeller is said to have died back in 1979 while having sex with his secretary [2] even the clergymen are spared in the body count. Pope Leo VIII died on 1 March 965; of a stroke while in the process of fornication [3]

All these headlines get us thinking, and we begin to wonder why people die during sex?.

Irrespective of the causes of death during sex, the facts remain it is common with men. However, women have had a fair share of the dreaded situation. The most recent one was reported by THE SUN UK ‘’a man has been charged with reckless manslaughter after a teen allegedly died of neck injuries during a “rough sex” romp in the backseat of her car.’’[4]

Well, whatever be your take on this issue, the aim of today’s post is to enlighten the eyes of your understanding so that you can behold the reasons why people die during sex.

Just get your pen and paper ready and follow me closely as I take you on this journey.

why people die during sex

Are we ready?

Do the causes of death during sex include drug abuse?

It is no longer news about how people, youths especially abuse drugs and other substances.

Using drugs of all kinds for the wrong reasons, ignoring their potential side effects which could be dangerous to their health.

If I tell you what young people do as regards drugs and sex, you won’t believe it!

It’s common for young people to take native medicine mixed with alcohol (alumo bitter, monkeytail), narcotic pain reliever (tramadol), Erectile dysfunction drugs (Viagra), at the same time. Still, some chronic abusers would smoke marijuana to top it up just to have a rock hard erection during sex.

These they do when they want to impress the woman during sex, especially if the babe they want to have sex with is a fling. They’ll try to get all they can from the hookup. It’s funny how Facebook and the internet as a whole have transformed our young men into porn stars.

The guys them will always say something like:

“I must shift her womb today.”
“I will show her how much of a stud I am.”

“I must destroy her ovaries today.”

“Tonight’s own na bumper to bumper,6 rounds all the way.”

“After today’s knacking, she will forget she had a boyfriend before she accepted my friend’s request on Facebook.”

But hear me and hear me, well sir, you who want to shift somebody’s daughter’s womb.

Aside from being a good reason why people die during sex, taking different concoctions, herbs, aphrodisiacs, together with sex enhancement pills is dangerous to your health.

Viagra, when taken together with any nitrate-containing drug, could cause hypotension (low blood pressure) and subsequently death. While it’s pretty easy to reduce a person’s Blood Pressure, it’s the opposite when trying to increase it.

Over dosage of tramadol can lead to respiratory failure, seizure, and death. Tramadol, when taken correctly, is the central nervous system depressant (The central nervous system (CNS) controls most functions of the body and mind).

Recommendations for the safe use of tramadol as a medical product include not drinking alcohol while taking the drugs. Thus, there are no safe scenarios that can occur when an individual uses tramadol and alcohol together. [6]

Are you still wondering why people die during sex?

How I wish you knew where to meet those 3 FUTO students who died during marathon sex so that they can explain better to you!

And as for those who take cocaine to get high during sex, your case is in the hands of amadioha!

why people die during sex

In fact, the gods of our land are playing ludo with your destiny.

Cocaine is even the worst because it causes convulsions, respiratory depression, heart attack and sudden death during sex.

If you are a young person who has difficulty getting or sustaining an erection during sex, always consult with your doctor who will prescribe Viagra for you after proper assessment.

It is safer than consuming a mixture of many things all in the name of wanting to last longer during sexual intercourse.

Drug abuse could lead to death during sex!

Do the causes of death during sex include a heart attack?

Heart diseases such as heart attack also known as myocardial infarction is another major cause of death during sexual intercourse.

It is a medical emergency.

A heart ❤️ attack is the death of a segment of your heart muscle due to loss of blood supply to it.

Why people die during sex

Men who are over 45 years, women over 55 years, people with hypertension, diabetes, smoking, use of illicit drugs and those who have other heart diseases are prone to a heart attack. This could be a good reason why people die during sex.

Let me break it down for you.

See ehn? Your heart is one of the vital organs in your body and as you get older, so does every organ in your body including your heart.

This is why it is advisable you take care of your heart by eating right, exercising, limiting your alcohol intake, controlling your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels amongst other things especially when you are getting closer to 40-45years.

It is important you know that while exercise is good for your health, rigorous, heavy and intense exercise can put stress on your heart if you are closer to your 50s, so you need to reduce the intensity of the kind of exercise you do at that age.

Hope you got the gist?

(Where are these ushers? Please wake up that sister sleeping over there)


Studies done by Harvard have shown that for a 50 years old male, the risk of having a heart attack doubles during sex and that more adventurous sex is equivalent to working out on a treadmill.

But these sugar daddies won’t understand what I am talking about it because they don’t consider sex as exercise.

(A lot of people don’t even know that sex is a rigorous exercise!)

That is why you will see a man at 50 who has high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels trying to do what a 28 years old guy does in bed during sex.

Somebody’s father will be busy sweating profusely somewhere in a hotel, while the small girl with big god from one university like that (whose mother is in the village praying for her to make it in life) will be busy shouting;

“Baby hit it! Tear it! Harder! Scatter it! Pound it! Oh my God!”

Before you say jack, game don cut, sugar daddy develops heart attack, death follows suit… it’s game over!

Though this doesn’t mean that you will experience heart attack whenever you have sex at 50years, no!

It only means that adventurous sex at 50 years and above increases your risk of having a heart attack especially if you are already predisposed to it.

Men who have preexisting heart diseases and erection problems at the same time should always consult with their doctor before taking Viagra as it increases the tendency of having a heart attack in such men.


why people die during sex

Prior to a heart attack, there are symptoms that are often ignored by sufferers, their subtle signs can vary from person to person. They may be mild or severe. Women, older adults, and people with diabetes are more likely to have elusive or unusual symptoms.

Symptoms in adults may include but not limited to:

  • Changes in psychological status, especially in older adults. Concentration and other mental task becomes an issue
  • Chest pain that feels like pressure, squeezing, or fullness. The pain is most often radiates from the center of the chest. It may also be felt in the jaw, shoulder, arms, back, and stomach. It can last for more than a few minutes or come and go. [8]
  • Lightheartedness. At this point, the person might feel like he’s about to faint, dizzy, or being close to passing out. It can occur alongside vertigo, which affects balance and makes a person feel as though they or their surroundings are spinning.
  • Cold sweat. This may also be caused by anxiety, stress, pain, and infection.
  • Nausea (more common in women).
  • Vomiting. The vomits usually taste bitter due to the mixture of bile and its different from vomiting that is caused by GIT disorders.
  • Numbness, aching or tingling in the arm (usually the left arm, but the right arm may be affected alone, or along with the left).
  • Shortness of breath- sometimes mistaken for an asthmatic attack, could a serious warning that a person is about to have a heart attack.
  • Body weakness or fatigue, especially in older adults and women.

These are the commonest signs of an imminent heart attack; note that other signs might be present. Early diagnosis of a heart attack is vital to survival, usually with a combination of the above-mentioned symptoms.


Just in case your partner is about to have a heart attack or maybe you are a small girl with a big god and your village people happen to send you a message.

The first thing to; do not panic – having a heart attack or seeing someone having a heart attack can be troubling. If your nerves are not coordinated you’ll be confused and would not know what to do.

Call for help immediately: if you’re in a country where emergency health response is quick and effective, notify the EMT instantly. But if you’re a third world where nothing works perfectly you need to attempt some resuscitating measure ASAP.

Stop any sexual activity immediately and have the person sit down– rest, and try to keep calm.

Loosen any tight clothing. Inquire about the person’s medication history especially those taken for chest pain medicine, such as nitroglycerin, for a known heart condition, and help them take it.

However, if the person is unresponsive? Do (cardio pulmonary resuscitation CPR)


  • Start with chest compression,
  • Kneel down beside the person’s chest.
  • Place one hand at the center of the chest.
  • Place the heel of the other hand on top and interlock your fingers to lift off the rib.
  • Lean over the casualty with your arm straight and press down on the chest five to six centimeters.
  • Release the pressures and allow the chest to come back up without removing your hands from the chest.
  • Repeat this to give 30 chest compression at the rate of 100 to 120.
  • After 30 chest compression, you’ll need to give rescue breaths. Note; if you have no training on giving rescue breath or you are unwilling to do so, please continue with chest compression till help arrives of the sufferer becomes responsive.
  • To give rescue breaths: make sure the airways are open by tilting the head back with one hand on the forehead and two fingers under the chin.
  • Pinch the soft part of the nose and allow the mouth to fall open.
  • Take a deep breath and seal your mouth with the person’s mouth.
  • Blow steadily into their mouth.
  • Give a rescue breath in about one second, the chest would rise!
  • Remove your mouth from the person’s mouth and observe as the chest wall falls.
  • Give two rescue breaths.
  • Continue to alternate 30 chest compression and two rescue breath.
  • If you have help, you can swap over with minimal interruption to chest compression.
  • Continue CPR till help arrives or the person becomes responsive.

Having a CPR skill can rescue you from being on the headline for all the wrong reasons.

Sex is pleasurable!

It is second to nothing in sweetness but doesn’t let the pleasure of sex take you to your early grave.

Take things easy during sex especially if you have any heart problems at all.

Do as your strength can carry you.
No, go do pass yourself!


Are we following? Let’s continue.

Do the causes of death during sex include KARMA?


Karma? How is karma the reason why people die during sex ? Do you believe in karma? What is even karma sef?

Karma is a force or law of nature which causes one to reap what one sows. It is one’s fate!

Top ranking cardiologists Marc Gillinov and Steven Neistein conducted research and discovered that the majority of the men who died of a heart attack during sex were all cheating on their wives with their mistresses.

Another study by Journal of sexual Medicine found out that men who were unfaithful to their wives were significantly more likely than those who were faithful to experience fatal heart events during sex.

I think they all have a point.

I mean,I am yet to hear that a man died while having sex with his wife but I have heard lots of stories about so many men who died in active service having sex with their mistresses in different hotels.

Back to my point, some people believe that death during sex is karma’s way of punishing adultery/infidelity.

But amongst other things, medically speaking, we believe that drug abuse and heart attack are the major reasons why men die during sex.

Please, if as a man, you develop shortness of breath, dizziness, sudden chest pain or heaviness of the chest during sex, just discontinue the sex and ask your partner to take you to the hospital immediately.

Those could be warning signs of a heart attack.

Generally speaking, the major reason people die a lot when a heart attack occurs is because of the lack of prompt medical intervention.

I’m saying it again, a heart attack is a medical emergency! And the commonest reason why people die during sex.

Thanks for coming to the fellowship today.

All first-timers are welcome, please let’s show them, love.
Please, remember that sharing is caring. Let’s share this gospel with our beloved ones even as we are inviting them for fellowship.

It is called Medical evangelism!

If you have any questions or need
Clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask the pastor.

Any other announcement? Okay, none. See you in fellowship next week.
Let’s share the grace together.



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