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women with muscles
Women with muscles

An attractive woman isn’t that hard to spot from a crowd. Without any explanation from science or psychology, turns out, we are genetically designed to flirt, that’s how the world was designed to function, and we all know that every time a man gives a woman that look?  He’s probably thinking about having a sexual relationship with her. Without these gestures, it’ll be quite difficult to reproduce. I mean, we are not some chicken with fanciful dance steps.

However, women who are into bodybuilding are always outstanding, outstanding as a concept is often linked with something that is very good or very noticeable, making it more obvious than another and associated with positive occurrences or standing out from a crowd. This construct has always ushered a fascinating subject for discussion.

Today’s post poses questions like; do guys like women with muscles? Athletic bodies, beards, chest hair or deep and masculine voice?

So who’s an attractive man?

While men with muscular bodies are seen by women as sexy or attractive, it arouses my curiosity when I see ladies with athletic bodies. So what do guys think about women who take bodybuilding pills? Are muscles on a girl attractive to guys? Although it is common knowledge that women have fewer requirements for muscular men.

women with muscles
Muscular man

Especially, for short term relationships; as a guy with the right body, all you need is a nice outfit and half of the job is done for you.

A chubby guy on the other side of the divide would have to play the wooing game; which often include but not limited to Holding the door for her, Acting always happy, Paying for her recharge cards, meals and suya, shopping for Xmas clothes, putting phone away while with her, always showing her off when he’s with best friends, introducing her to his parents because he’s proud of her, Paying attention to the little things because he doesn’t want to miss anything, pretending to be a pillow and cushioning her falls, the list goes on and on.

Still, Mr. Macho would have self-confidence and more sexual partners. Without trying too hard, he’ll have more affairs even with ladies in committed relationships.

What makes an attractive woman?

The concept of an attractive woman has not changed much. For a lady who is muscular? Personally, I think any lady who is not into or concerned with bodybuilding, wouldn’t go too far conflating strength and fitness with muscle size. Except she is into sports like Serena Williams or does other activities where strength is advantageous, then she can keep getting stronger and let her muscles do what they will.

women with muscles
Serena Williams

Secondly, if she likes what she sees in the mirror or more importantly, would dislike what she’ll see in the mirror then she should continue to grow. Any else, she should stay where she is. That brings us to the next question.

An Attractive woman

Presently scientific studies have revealed that there is a specific explanation as to why men are constantly checking women out.  Turns out, there’s a specific trigger to this effect. Even though some are really silly and irrational, most of it actually rings a bell. According to Business Insider [1], every time a man checks out a woman, he’s performing a reproductive fitness assessment. These are simply a number of things that make women physically attractive to men. These things include but not limited to:

Women with muscles
A man flirting
  • Waist to hips ratio: a waist to hips ratio of seven – to – ten (7:10) is found to be more attractive to men. Once a man notices this specification? His hormones are already aware of the general plan. Irrespective of age or body, he’s already thinking about babies. These thoughts are not totally vain, in midwifery, this ratio is mostly found in women with a gynaecoid pelvis (The gynaecoid pelvis is a normal female pelvis. Whose inlet is either slightly oval, with a greater transverse diameter, or round.) which is naturally favorable during childbirth.
women with muscles
A sexy woman
  • A high pitch voice: Even though I wouldn’t perceive my mum’s high pitch voice when she’s angry as attractive. According to research a woman with this type of this characteristic is perceived by men to be attractive as it signifies youthfulness and a smaller body. Both men and women with “attractive voices” are thought to be “warmer, more likable, honest, approachable, and more likely to have more sexual partners.
women with muscles
A woman with long hair
  • Long hair: while it is not surprising that the hair industry is worth billions of dollars, a typical African woman would spend any amount on her hair. It’s been proven that a clean, longer and more relaxed hair contributes immensely to a woman’s attractiveness and connoting fertility. Ladies it doesn’t have to be a natural hair, men can barely spot the difference.
women with muscles
A smiling woman
  • Smiling: whereas it’s not scientifically researched why those brooding hip-hop celebrities in fancy jackets in the corner of the club where nobody smiles gets all the girls. Psychologist, on the other hand, has come out to say that smiling women are perceived to be more attractive. Who am I to say otherwise?
  • Bigger Boobs.  Even though scientists research every concept is known in human history, this particular plug requires no scientific research to drive home the point. Guys love big boobs, both as babies and as an adult. Particularly in combination with a narrow waist, it surprises no one; studies that tracked eye movement showed that when looking at images of women, men first checked out their breasts and waists. Even though, the waist ranked topmost in this category.
women with muscles
A tall woman
  • Height. Despite the fact that features such as waist-to-hip ratio and boobs size affect how men perceive women, it usually does not work in isolation, they don’t tell the whole story. Loftier women are often rated as more attractive. Even though every man isn’t after women that look like skyscrapers, a height just above average distinguishes an attractive woman.
  • Arm Length. Women with Long sexy legs are more likely to been perceived as attractive, but men are also known to seek out long arms too. According to a 2010 analysis conducted by experts at The University of New South Wales in Sydney “Scanned bodies of taller women who had longer arms were strongly preferred,” the Sydney-based researchers write. Upper arm girth played a role too — apparently men are attracted to women with long and slender arms.[2]


But before we delve into answering the question

“do guys like women with muscles?”

It is important to differentiate between an athletic woman who grows her musculature naturally through an exercise routine with strict nutritional follow-up and a woman who takes anabolic steroids (these steroids composed of testosterone and other substances related to testosterone that promote growth of skeletal muscle, increase hemoglobin concentration, and mediate secondary sexual characteristics) injection to groom her muscles.

While the latter is quite exceptional, these women are overtly way above the line and the construct of feminism barely applies to them. Whereas, the later can still maintain their feminine structure and subtle nature often associated with womanhood. A lot of military women and women who are into combat sport or athletics belong to this category; usually, their muscles are toned up and well-defined without them losing their natural feminism.

It is no news that back in the days; people used to criticize women that are muscular even with the popular six-packs movement. Times have changed, coupled with changing societal views about what feminism or what womanhood is. A lot of women are motivated to keep fit and come out of their shells to maintain their body structure and muscular métier.



Reliant on individual differences, generally, most guys love to work out and keep fit. These guys would perhaps appreciate women with muscles and probably see nothing odd about their girls having a six-pack or muscles that are toned up and well-defined.

Every guy would appreciate a woman who motivates him in any area of endeavor. Lately having an athletic body has come to be associated with health and fitness. Guys who are in the work out business or who loves smart, strong, confident women would appreciate women with athletic bodies. While guys who prefer ladies who are an extremely feminine and girly type of women would not appreciate a woman with a tuned-up musculature.

These types of men would not mind their women waiting under the shade while they try to push their broken car off the road or their women just watching as they attend to circumstances considered to be strictly manly and requires physical strength. A large group of men would like their women to fit into a generally accepted reproductive fitness assessment and a borderline feminine characteristic uniqueness.


There are men who like women that would dare to roll up their sleeve and help them change a tire or lift a sofa in their sitting room. Women who would spur to build up their bodies are considered strong-willed women with a lot of endurance and physical agility. Women who are anabolic steroid users, on the other hand, are unique, because they are distinctive, they’ll probably have a small group of men who would find them attractive.

Let us know what you think. Drop a comment or contact us


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  2. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1420-9101.2010.02088.x

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